Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Willow Grove Mine

The willow grove mine is located in Ohio about 5 miles from St. Clairsville, southeast between St. Clairsville and Bellaire on Willow Grove Rd.
It is in Belmont County, OH.

St. Clairsville Gazette
Vol 129, No.12 March 22, 1940

In Memoriam
Supt. John H. Richards, 44, St. Clairsville

Howard Sanders, Outside Foreman, 52, St. Clairsville
Charles L. Carroll, General Inside Foreman, 50, St. Clairsville
Joseph Roque, 45, St. Clairsville
Louis Roque, 42, St. Clairsville
Robert Bakosh ,32, Neff
Cecil W. Grimes, 30 St. Clairsville
Edwin Patterson, 34, Bellaire
Cornelius Jobes, 25, St. Clairsville
Mike Serdula 62, Midway
Mark Passmore, 52, Glencoe
George Fulton, 29, Warnock
Wayne Hynes, 29, St. Clairsville
Joe Hess, 43, Neffs
Andy Sklenicka ,26, Fairpoint
Andy Hobart, 41, Midway
JohnGarlega 37, Stewartsville
Walter France, 50, St. Clairsville
James Warfield 58, Neffs
Ross McFadden, 54, Neffs
Elmer Clark, 46, Stewartsville
William Gardner ,57, St. Clairsville
Stanley Wasielewski 52, Lafferty
Lawrence Hrabak, 46, Maynard
Harry Klee, 38, Neffs
Frank Dopkiss, 36, Maynard
Ed Zaleski, 26, Neffs
John Celuch, 46, Fairpoint
Steve Petran, 54, Neffs
Clarence Wiggins, 35, Bellaire
Walter Slater, 29, Bannock
George Bringmann, 24, Bellaire
Mike August, 40, Lafferty
Emilio Dalpiaz, 47, Lafferty
Charles Lupi, 42, Bellaire
Joseph Dalpiaz, 38, Lafferty
Constantino Daroma, 53 Neffs
Paul Kulevich,Jr. , 27, Willow Grove
John Miketo, 45, Belmont
Andy Rudol, 34, Neffs
John Mardk, 33, Neffs
Andy Valocik , 31, Neffs
Andrew Garek, 53, Midway
John McFetridge, 37, Stewartsville
Earl Pack 30, Neffs
Mitchell Jones, 44 Midway
Russell Fendon ,37, Neffs
Joe Prosek, 30, Bellaire
Emmet Krotky, 38, Neffs
John Demkowics, 37, Neffs
Joe Riddle, 52, St. Clairsville
Pete Rinkes, 36, St. Clairsville
Joseph W. Kresach, 45, Fairpoint
Cap Benson, 50, Willow Grove
Rudolph Vrba, 47, Bellaire
Ralph Sutton, 40, St. Clairsville
Garrett Kelley ,38, Willow Grove
Ray Davis, 50, Bridgeport
David Chini, 27, Bannock
John B. Knapski ,38, Bannock
William Shiller, 38, Neffs
John Sklenicka ,24, Fairpoint
John DeMopolos, 54 Neffs
Albert Kanopsic, 33, St. Clairville
Charles Bobka, 47 Neffs
Frank Pasco, 49, Neffs
Martin Bobka ,28, Neffs
Albert Eastham, 36, Neffs
Mike Pokerino 30, Bannock
Paul Kasarda 46, Midway
Phillip Paytash, 30, Lafferty

A POEM by Jerome B. Bell

What is this mystery that men call death ?My friend before me lies: in all save breathHe seems the same as yesterday. His faceSo like to life, so calm, bears not a traceOf that great change which all of us so dread.I gaze on him and say: He is not deadBut sleeps; and soon he will arise and takeMe by the hand. I know he will awakeAnd smile on me as he did yesterday;And he will have some gentle word to saySame kindly deed to do: for loving thoughtWas warp and woof of which his life was wrought.He is not dead. Such souls forever liveIn boundless measure of the love they give.

Jerome B. Bell

Front page of the March 22, 1940 issue of the
St. Clairsville Gazette Volume 129, No. 12