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– October 08, 2007. is a website whose mission is to put an end to miningrelated thefts. Since launch of the website on August 15th, 2007numerous mining operations have signed up for this free service andmany thefts have been reported online. "This website gives theentire mining community a portal to share information concerningthefts. As of today, there have been 60 mining operations sign upfor this service. But most alarming, a total of 74 SCSR's have beenreported stolen from these various mining operations." said JamesNagle of's, or Self-Contain Self-Rescuers, are a breathing apparatusdesigned to aid a miners escape during an event in which theatmosphere becomes toxic.A West Virginia legislator, Del. Virginia Mahan, D-Summers, issuggesting that the law be altered to provide enhanced felonypenalties for such acts. "We applaud Delegate Mahan," said JamesNagle. "Anyone who would steal an item designed to save someone'slife should get the maximum possible penalty." he added.Mr. Nagle has reported that the website is working to help curb someof these thefts.
One such incident involved an undisclosed miningcontractor whose employees were stealing from an operation. Oncethey were fired, they went to work for another mining company. But their reputation soon caught up to them once an anonymous tip waspassed has reported that it is currently working to build anationwide database of rescuers to aid in the tracking of stolenSCSR's. Even though the SCSR's are stamped with a serial number andunder new laws have to be reported to MSHA as well as the state ofWV, no federal or state database exists to cross-reference theseserial numbers and find out where a stolen rescuer will end currently has a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)request into the US Department of Labor, MSHA, for copies of all SCSRreports which have been filed so as to build this is a totally free service provided to all miningoperations nationwide. For continued support the organization issoliciting sponsorship from interested mining vendors. Vendors whosponsor the website pledge not to buy or sell any suspiciousmerchandise and to report any suspicious activities. Sponsorshipgets the vendor's name to the nations top mining companies andaffords the benefit of being associated with an organization such as
Mining operations are encouraged to ask that theirvendors become certified.
For additional information, contact James Nagle @ 304-855-7080 x1

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