Friday, September 28, 2007

Arch Coal miners appear in Dodge ad

Arch Coal miners appear in Dodge ad

Wednesday September 26,2007

An Arch Coal Inc. subsidiary's mine and several of its employees are featured in the new Dodge Ram 2500 commercials that are now appearing on TV, according to an Arch Coal spokesperson.

Several of the workers at Canyon Fuel Co.'s Skyline mine, located near Scofield, Utah, filmed the 30- and 60-second ads called "Make the Most of Every Mile" in August. The spots depict Skyline employees using the Dodge Ram truck in various capacities in and around the mine portal and stockpile areas.

Dodge is Chrysler LLC's best-selling brand and the fifth largest nameplate in the U.S. automotive market with a U.S. market share of 6.5 percent.

St. Louis-based Arch Coal Inc. (NYSE: ACI - News) is one of the largest coal producers in the country, providing the fuel for about 6 percent of the electricity generated in the United States.