Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Mine Rescue Unit In Action

New Mine Rescue Unit In Action
Taskforce One already helped recover a miner's body in Logan earlier this week.
September 18, 2007

LOGAN -- Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is moving beyond teaching mining to rescuing miners with Taskforce One, according to the school's president. Taskforce One is a multi-vehicle unit equipped with the latest advancements in mine rescue technology.
"This equipment will give Taskforce One the ability to put the fire out before it reaches the stage where they have to call in professionals," said Alden Ozment of USF Equipment.
When the smoke is too thick, the rescue crews can reach for a thermal imaging camera. It and 13 computerized work stations are kept aboard the mobile communications unit.
"Equipment that your normal mine rescue teams might lack, might not have available to them," said Carl Baisden, the director of the school's Academy of Mine Training and Energy Technologies,"We're going to train them when they respond, we'll be there to supplement them."
Taskforce One is a legislative-funded project. It is to go anywhere in the state where a mining emergency is occurring.