Tuesday, September 25, 2007

interview with UMWA about Crandall Canyon online

interview with UMWA about Crandall Canyon online

Last week on the Heartland Labor Forum on 90.1 FM KKFI, streaming live at www.kkfi.org, I interviewed Phil Smith of the UMWA about Crandall Canyon mine in Utah.
That show is now posted online at www.heartlandlaborforum.org The Crandall Canyon segment is the first one after the 'news from our side.

Also in the archives from last April you can find streaming audio of an interview I did with Smith about the UMWA's report on Sago at www.heartlandlaborforum.org.

I am pasting below this weeks email from the Heartland Labor Forum.

Tom Klammer
Heartland Labor Forum volunteer and
host of "Tell Somebody" on 90.1 FM KKFI Kansas City Community Radio
Friday mornings 9-10am Central Time -
streaming live at www.kkfi.org

This is Pledge Drive week at KKFI. Please call in your pledge to support Heartland Labor Forum, Workers Independent News and community radio in Kansas City. Call 816-931-3122 during Thursdays show or anytime during the week or pledge on-line at www.kkfi.org. We have union-made premiums – KKFI T-shirts, caps, totes and of course Heartland Labor Forum “Radio that talks back to the boss” bumper stickers.

September 20th show is now on the Heartland Labor Forum webpage @ www.heartlandlaborforum.org

Disappearing Government:
q Retreat Mining = No Regulation? Tom Klammer talks to Phil Smith from the United Mineworkers
q Neither Rain nor Sleet. . .but What About Privatization? Hester Duisik talks to Dave Gwin from the National Assn. of Letter Carriers Branch 30 about privatized mail routes in KC
q The News from Our Side
q Boss Hog: Lynn Anderson gives the snort to Merck and Company
q Common Good: Helen Bontrager can’t find much in the way we conduct elections and has a few suggestions

Tune in next Thursday at 6pm or Friday at 5am to make your pledge and hear the show: Their Soil Whose Oil? Iraq Oil Law & The GM Strike

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